Design Service

Our experience has been that design needs to be closely linked to the production of the ultimate garments.

Durability of fabrics, wearability of a particular style, especially in the school environment, detailed knowledge of component costs, and a very good understanding of cost to manufacture; these must all be taken into account during the design stage to ensure that a school’s total requirements are going to be met.

We use Corel as a CAD drawing program to present coloured line sketches of uniform style and colour options.

We use Draping Wizard software as a further design tool to on-screen demonstrate style and colour options at the click of a mouse; this is an extremely helpful aid at the early stages of uniform development.

We use modern digital design software to prepare accurately graded patterns ready to electronically transfer to our fully automated fabric cutting machine.

We prepare personalized sample ranges to assist the selection process for schools.

We develop customizing ideas which specifically brand the garment to the school; we advise on the most appropriate use of embroidery and screen printing of logos, labels and neck tapes.

At every stage of the Design process the focus of our design and sales teams is to provide quality, value for money, image uniforms to schools.