Benefits of School Uniform

Over 95% of intermediate and secondary schools, and the majority of primary schools, now have their own unique uniform that gives their school a clear identity and image in their community. There are several different reasons why School uniform has become increasingly popular with School staff, students and parents. 

  1. Improved School Image

    There is an increasing need and desire for schools to brand themselves to provide their own unique identity. School uniform is the most consistent outward appearance of that branding, and it is important for a school to have the right uniform, and one that their students will wear with pride.
  2. Higher Student Self Esteem

    Students wearing school uniform do not feel self conscious about what they wear to school; increased confidence leads to higher self esteem, and higher self esteem leads to greater class participation.
  3. Hassle Free

    School uniform buries the daily question of “what to wear to school”. It removes a potentially major point of debate between parent and child over the suitability of what gets worn to school.
  4. Higher Standard of Presentation

    A uniform becomes an easy way for school staff to enforce a dress code within a school, especially in how it is worn and thus presented to the external community. Trying to enforce a dress standard where no school uniform exists is an exercise in comparative futility.
  5. Cost Effective

    There is no doubt that a quality, value for money, school uniform has a lower cost to parents than if their children wore their “street clothes” to school on a consistent basis. School uniforms should be designed to take the rigours of daily wear and exercise, and they should out perform standard garments.   
  6. Better School Security

    Students in uniform are instantly recognized as “belonging” to their school. This assists security in-school, and enables easy identification off-site as well.